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By significantly reducing wind drift associated with lime spreading.

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LimepHro was initially established to design and manufacture the LimepHro machine which reduces the amount of dust associated with lime spreading.

The machine prevents lime from becoming airborne and ensures that there is an even spread of lime on the ground. This operation ensures that lime is spread in the field that it is intended for. It also lessons the hazard risks of lime dust to the operator and surrounding areas. The attachment is suitable for many types and models of lime spreader and can help to reduce the amount of fertiliser required. LimepHro was designed by Stephen Kelly who has a wealth of knowledge acquired through 30 years of agri contracting experience. LimepHro is a family business consisting of Stephen and Carol Kelly. Stephen is a designer/innovator of bespoke agricultural machinery while Carol works in an administrative role within the business. Carol has a professional background in sales and business management, having worked as a property valuer and within the family business over the last 25 years. Carol holds qualifications in Property Studies, Leadership and Management.

Stephen’s LimepHro design was selected for inclusive in the highly competitive innovation tent in the World Ploughing Championships 2022.

The benefits

How can LimepHro benefit you?

LimepHro is the ultimate attachment to optimise the benefits of lime spreading. LimepHro is a bolt-on attachment suitable for many makes and models of lime spreaders. Equipped with  hydraulically operated booms which drop down forming a canopy, with the option to add a water mist if required. LimepHro has been designed to slow the travel of dust ensuring an even spread of lime.  

Reduce Dust

Hazard of dust is reduced for safety of operator.

Wind Friendly

Spread in windy conditions for a wider spreading window.

Avoid Drifting

Helps to avoid lime drifting across water and roadways.


Lightweight and folds up neatly to allow for ease of transport.


Lime raises pH of soil so less fertilizer required.

Ease of Use

No need to switch attachments to spread fertilisers

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